The sophisticated story of a label with a human touch that cares for the future of our planet.

“McGlinn is research, craftsmanship … Every item is brimming with love and care, and comfortable garments made with GOTS certified organic fabric that care about the impact they have on the environment, are a gift both to ourselves and our future”.

These are the words of Madison McGlinn, the brand’s designer, who together with her creative team is writing the conceptual, aesthetic vocabulary of this Australian Maison, in the key of timeless, refined elegance.

A concept that accompanies the brand season after season, describing a wardrobe hallmarked by a uniqueness where men and women rediscover their truly cosmopolitan nature.

“The men’s and women’s collections are minimalist, without logo-mania, and we’re super-attentive when it comes to the fabrics, taking charm as the symbol of personality for a timeless, human elegance” she explains, and adds “we’ve got this vision of an everyday, metropolitan style, where anyone wearing one of our items becomes the statement of a more intimate refinement, whispered rather than bellowed. All we want is to create beautiful, elegant daywear”.

Daywear constructed with the artisanal approach that has accompanied the story of the brand season after season.

All with the singular aim of finding a way of instructing and educating the new, digitally-oriented generations toward a greater awareness of what’s best both for themselves and for our planet.

“We want to get closer to the new generations by explaining where our soul lies, so they can understand the product and the real concept of style. Twenty-year-olds have grown up with the concept of throwaway fashion, we want them to understand that ours is a fashion to dwell on” declares Madison “Ours is a product to appreciate, to be kept with care, which also means hand-washing because we use no chemical treatments. McGlinn is very much anti-fast-fashion. It’s also a-seasonal, meaning the garment you buy today will be with you for your whole life”

Because elegance, like McGlinn, is decidedly timeless.