Alberto Corrado

More than year’s experience in journalist with L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and the editor- in chief of FashionTrend Collections. Since he took the jounalist career , he has made all the difference: it has launched and brought up artists, photographers, designers, exhibitions, social phenomena and trends. During his carrer he has worked for Diners Club Italy, Editrice Abitare Segesta, Mondadori, Book Mod @ Mag, Febeditoriale, RCS, Edizioni Eco Market, Luuk Magazine and in the music WebMusic Company, Sony Music, Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, Warner Music, Decca, Sipario and the cinema with Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Picture,Del Fuego Management. He teaches the history of costume and the history of design in school and University as Florence University or the Arts e Berkeley Institute of San Francisco. He collaborated with brand as Fashion&Luxury digital business strategy & digital PR.


It’s easy to say vintage. Fashion for fall/winter 2017-18 looks to the past, not as a generic source of inspiration but as a treasure trove of ideas to play with, but of course with the right touch of irony and fun. From the mountains to the grand sporting enterprises of bygone days, from a taste

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Nick Wooster is the reigning king of street style, a muse, designer, decorator, retailer, collaborator—he’s done a lot in a lot of different fields. Nick Wooster is a forerunner. The Man from the Future as his millions of followers worldwide love to call him, the man who loves change and who already in the ‘eighties



A new collection for a jet-set clientele. Beach and resort couture created for a naturally original woman interpreting a refined nomadic exoticism. Welcome to the Réard universe. Simply Réard, namely the modern bikini, invented by French tailor Louis Réard in Paris in 1946 (and officially introduced on the 5th of July). An extremely skimpy swimming